About Us

About Web Blockchain Media

Web Blockchain Media, is a California-headquartered media corporation. WEBB was incorporated in Colorado and is publicly traded on the OTC with the ticker “WEBB.” Web Blockchain Media has entities that are focused on television and digital media in relation to the vast crypto, blockchain and FinTech space. Web Blockchain Media’s subsidiary CryptoCake is currently building out an OTT streaming channel dedicated to covering the rapidly expanding crypto, NFT and blockchain universe. WEBB’s other operating subsidiary is Allocation Media Entertainment.

Please find our company’s SEC filings here.

Mission Statement

WEB BLOCKCHAIN MEDIA aims to be the world’s leading news, media and entertainment company providing the most accurate, transparent, and trusted source of information and content covering blockchain and related technologies. Our global production and broadcast network is committed to informing, educating, entertaining and empowering current and future generations on innovations and advancements in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and providing the most current and accurate news coverage and distribution of media and entertainment to viewers worldwide.