Portfolio Companies

CryptoCake logo

CryptoCake® is the world’s first high production quality broadcast network providing global omni- channel distribution of daily news and entertainment to Inform, Educate, Entertain and Empower viewers worldwide. CryptoCake is currently building out an OTT streaming channel dedicated to covering the rapidly expanding crypto, NFT and blockchain universe.

CryptoCake’s OTT digital streaming network will providing global omnichannel distribution of daily news and entertainment to educate, entertain and empower viewers worldwide.

Allocation Media Entertainment logo

AME is a production company creating content for streaming video with television and film projects in development. AME was acquired by WEBB in a reverse merger in 2018.

AME creates and owns original programming and monetize its distribution via daytime first-run syndication television to numerous broadcasts, cable, digital, sports networks and foreign territories around the world. AME’s content is also geared for second screen friendly viewing distributed through social media, mobile devices, and other video platforms.